Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

We’ve had a few tense moments in the past 36 hours since the kitchen installer arrived thanks in large part to some fingerpointing and a touch of ‘he said, she said’ syndrome – sound familiar?

One involved the hardwood flooring which had been installed last Friday but had not been stained or received a first coat. This, we were assured by our GC, was OK and had been done before. In contrast, the cabinetry installer told us he had never come across this in his 30 years in custom home building. Our GC even took a few pot shots at us for rushing things – this after we had informed her of the delivery nearly two months ago and also after delaying the install by two weeks. Felt that was a low blow.

However, the bigger and more costly issue was that the space in the servery had shrunk about 6-7″! So either the measurements for the custom cabinetry order were wrong (and they had been taken three times) or a bulkhead was installed after the final measurements were taken. Either way, the cabinets as ordered were not going to fit. This is when the fingerpointing began and heels also began to get dug in.

Some 24 hours later, I called for an update and resolution didn’t seem to be in the cards. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed when the GC and her sub-contractor showed up on site and chatted with the installer. As it turned out, the installer and the sub-contractor had worked together on some previous jobs and lived in the same town! So after some back/forth, a solution was agreed upon that should involve minimal cost – or even better, perhaps none? Time will tell.

Great progress and a huge sigh of relief at the end of the day. I decided to drop by on my way home to take a peek one and here are some shots of how the kitchen is taking shape. With all those cabinets, I think I may need to start a spreadsheet for where I am going to put everything.

The command centre?

The command centre?

Perimeter cabinets

Perimeter cabinets

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

  1. Beth said:

    They are looking stunning J! Certainly looks like your dream kitchen is taking shape:). You’ll forget the annoying bits when you’re gathered with friends around that island (well, it may take some wine too!)…

  2. Mal said:

    Deep breaths… In, out, in, out, in, out… All will work out in the end…. I remember the day I was called by the developer of our home, to advise the kitchen had finally been installed correctly, and despite the previous four attempts, was at last ready for (me to give it) the thumbs up… To my surprise (NOT), the room was yet again filled with finger pointers, as I challenged anyone present to point their finger to where I might find the kitchen sink….Interestingly, the only place any finger could point at, was to the point it was referenced on the site building plans….. and shortly afterwards in the back of a locked van, parked in the rear laneway, where the actual kitchen sink sat, hidden under blankets, and still in it’s box waiting to be installed (somewhere else I assume).. But alas.. It all worked out in the end…. Hope the rest of it goes smoothly… Cant wait to see the end result. It looks amazing.. x

  3. Love the look! Especially the island being a different colour…we did that with our too! Great contrast!!!

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